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For more than 15 years, foodie and wine lover Carole Lombardi has planned special events that truly earn their designation of “special.” She loves taking care of all the details, and she uses her degree in restaurant management and culinary arts to help make sure everyone eats well. (It’s a crucial element) Over the years, as a Portland wedding planner, she’s perfected taking the vision of a couple and turning it into a reality, and there’s perhaps no better place to do that than in Portland. “We have a bounty of farm-to-table menu options as well as world-class wines and microbrews,” Carole says. “Our city is known for being both quirky and friendly and is one of the most scenic locations on the West Coast.” As a wedding planner Portland treasures, nothing is more important to her than ensuring your day reflects your style and personality.

To book your wedding event at Kimpton Hotel Monaco Portland, email Carole Lombardi or call her at 503-417-3388.