Chef Kyle Rourke

Red Star Tavern

Chef Kyle Rourke is a food-lovers dream – and in a city like Portland, where culinary expression is held in as high regard as a local craft brew, that statement holds weight. Chef Kyle was born and raised in the restaurant industry - from humble beginnings in the back kitchen, grill cook, even pizzeria owner, he has honed his skills in the art of fresh ingredients and establishing local relationships.

Chef Kyle is passionate about local sourcing. From his vast network of Portland and Oregon area farmers to his commitment to regionally inspired meat and vegetarian dishes, Chef Kyle is proud to bring the bounty of the Northwest right to the table.

  • Q: Who is your culinary mentor?
  • A: Thomas Dunklin
  • Q: Who would you most like to cook for?
  • A: Cliff Burton
  • Q: What is your favorite cookbook?
  • A: Eleven Madison Park
  • Q: What is your single favorite ingredient?
  • A: Dried Chiles
  • Q: What is your career highlight so far?
  • A: Roasting a whole pig in the middle of a sidewalk downtown
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More from Chef Rourke

Chef Kyle's Sweet Onion Jam

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