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Catering in Portland, OR

Catering menus that’ll make your mouth water

If you could serve anything you wanted at your event, what would it be? A soup created fresh from what looked best at the farmers market this morning? Pork loin brined in apple cider with a side of goat cheese whipped mashed potatoes? A flourless chocolate cake drizzled in vanilla bean butter cream to top it all off? The catering menu options by Red Star Tavern are pretty much limitless. Our catering includes:

  • Customized menus for everything from a small business breakfast to a large celebration
  • Sustainable and organic ingredients sourced locally from the area’s best producers and farmers
  • Organic, vegetarian, and gluten-free options
  • An experienced serving staff
  • An assortment of beverages, including wine pairings, craft cocktails, “spike it” stations, and nonalcoholic options
  • The blender bike — power your own smoothies by pedaling a bike hooked up to a blender
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