executive chef at red star tavern

The Superstar Chef

Of Our Restaurant in Downtown Portland

Meet the chef: Kyle Rourke

We know the Chef is the mastermind behind the whole operation….so let’s take a minute to meet the Chef at Hotel Monaco Portland. Known for his big ideas and creative takes on everything from comfort food to Asian street fare, Chef Kyle Rourke belongs in the kitchen — something he must’ve known early on, given that he started working in restaurants as a teenager. It wasn’t all glamour, but he worked his way up the ranks from dishwasher to pizzeria owner to the role he was destined for: executive chef. Although he grew up outside of Philadelphia, he fits in perfectly in Portland, thanks to his commitment to source from local, organic, sustainable farmers, fishers, and producers. That gives Red Star Tavern ingredients like five types of organic goat milk cheese, which translates to fresh, flavorful meals that bring the bounty of the area straight to your plate.