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Hotel Monaco Portland: Raise a glass to all there is to see and do and taste in downtown Portland

Portland, U.S.A.: Beer Capital of the World

Hotel Monaco Portland centers you downtown for a firsthand taste of Portland's amazing beer culture. Nicknamed "Beervana" and "Munich on the Willamette," Portland is the beer capital of the world. Really. We have upwards of 30 breweries within city limits—that's more than any other city on earth.

Portland has been at the center of America's craft-brewing renaissance for more than two decades. We know and love our beer here. Taste what we mean and jumpstart your study right here in Hotel Monaco's lobby, where we showcase specialty or craft brews from local breweries at our evening Hosted Wine Hour. Want to go out on the town to explore more? True-to-form Portlanders, our concierge staff can tell you where to go and what to drink. And be sure to check out our 'Portland On Tap' package, featuring:

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